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We create a home from buildings

Ana Rabrenović

Dušan Raičević

Milena Racković

Draško Đurašković

Barbara Pilastro

Whether you decide to buy, build or renovate a residential or commercial building, we are here to turn good ideas into great results.

Gradient is a company where you will find everything you need. We offer unified services, so you don’t have to look for different contractors, because we are there from planning and documentation to the completion of works and furnishing of both residential and commercial premises.

Our team consists of experts and creatives who work dedicatedly on each project with a constant willingness to propose new ideas and meet all requirements. Wishing that every next project will be better than the previous one, Gradient invests in the highest quality materials, but also in training the team for new skills and techniques, to respond to all requests and offer something more, following world trends.

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[ Gradient d.o.o. ]

The Gradient team is trained to make the most of the space, to maximize its functionality and the comfort you need.

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