Safety and functionality in the first place

Once the rough and tumble work is done, it’s time to take care of your safety and that of your property. To feel safe and comfortable in your own home, it is necessary to choose an appropriate security system, that’s why we choose motion detectors, which will detect unauthorized presence and movement in your space.

To choose the best system, our team will show you all the options and recommend the appropriate motion detector based on the type and purpose of the room. If you have a pet, this will not be a problem. The system itself can be adjusted so that the detectors do not react to the presence of small animals in the room.

Detection of broken glass and opening of doors and windows

The security of your facility can be easily ensured with the help of a detector that reacts to breaking the glass on windows and doors. By turning on the night mode of your alarm control panel, the glass break detectors in combination with the door and window opening detectors will enable you to detect unauthorized entry while you move around the house undisturbed.

External window protection – Prevents burglars

To prevent burglaries and thefts, we offer you the most modern protection mechanisms. Regardless of whether you are inside the building or not, perimeter protection systems and detectors intended for outdoor installation will detect any unauthorized entry to your property and thus potentially prevent not only the theft of valuables but also a physical attack on you or your pet.

Alert – Prevents theft and attacks on a wide range

Alarm sirens and light signaling are an excellent way to prevent burglary, but also to alert householders, neighbors and authorities that there is an “uninvited guest” in your building. Particularly significant is the psychological impact that the huge noise and light signaling have on the burglar, who immediately decides to run away, often giving up the prey if he gets to it. In this way, you will save not only your property but also the lives of your family, neighbors and pets.

Fire detection – The most important investment

Statistics show that the probability of a fire breaking out in a residential building is even 70 percent higher than that a burglar will enter it. Fire detectors are the most important investment, as shown by the fact that every building and commercial facility has one in every room. Fire detectors can recognize the presence of smoke as well as an increase in temperature in the premises and thereby avoid a disaster and save lives and the building.

Complete control in your hands

If you want to have full control over the security of your home, you can achieve this very easily through keyboards and remote controls, which allow you to fully control the alarm system and adapt it to your needs and habits. In addition to truly increasing your control over the security of your property, a full control system will allow you to leave your home and enjoy the road with more peace of mind without the need to hire security.

Analog cameras – Basic video surveillance

Analog cameras represent video surveillance with megapixel resolutions, so if you already own an older analog video surveillance system, you can upgrade your existing installation to video surveillance with resolutions of up to 4 megapixels. The cameras we use are specially designed to fit into your interior and exterior, without disturbing the aesthetics, but also safely hidden from the eyes of potential burglars.

IP cameras – For more detailed surveillance

For those who want even better protection and more options, we suggest an IP video surveillance system, which allows the installation of cameras with much higher resolutions than analog ones. An existing computer network or Internet connection can be used to transmit the IP camera signal, which means that the camera can be located in one place, and the content can be recorded anywhere in the world. The IP video surveillance system provides many other possibilities such as the detection of crossing a certain line, counting people and many other options.

Applications – Remote control from anywher

Among the security systems, there are also numerous applications, with which you can monitor the events in your facility through a mobile or PC application wherever you are. The applications give you the ability to follow current events as well as to view archive recordings at the desired time interval. These applications can also manage PTZ cameras if you have them on the premises. This is one of the most modern ways of protection, which has many private and public buildings.

Access Control

The access control option means preventing unauthorized persons from entering premises and facilities. It works in that to enter a certain room you need to read an RFID card or tags or enter a code to allow the system to open the door. This is a very common option not only for residential buildings but also for business premises. You can create as many cards or tags as your family members and trusted people need.

Record of working hours

The working time record can be used as an access control system, but also only as a presence record system based on which a report on the number of hours spent in a certain room can be generated. If employees need official outings or spend a break outside the facility, the system provides the option of choosing the reason for the absence, which will later affect the calculation of hours spent at the workplace or justified/unjustified outings.

Intercoms – Traditional form of protection

Intercoms are already well-known protection systems based on audio and video identification. Every modern building has an intercom, and this form of security protection is also suitable for business premises. For the visitor to enter the yard or house, he must ring a small bell and introduce himself when the person from the house “answers”. There is also video identification, which includes a camera placed above the sound intercom, so you can visually examine the visitor and decide whether to open the door electronically (by pressing a button) or not.

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