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Exclusive and the most comprehensive offer on the market.
Project name:
The House
Gradient d.o.o. & Rezident d.o.o.
December 2023.
Project type:
Exclusive urban villas

"Location, Location, Location"

The term that is both ‘’foundation” and ‘’king” remains the most important factor when making a decision when investing in the real estate sector. As always, we choose the best location. We choose a location that is and will remain a quiet residential area in the long term. You will be proud of your investment, of your choice and the process from your decision to the “key” will remain a journey that we will surely enjoy together. For many others, it’s a stressful process, a process full of great uncertainties and dilemmas. However, there are investors with whom the journey from the first meeting, through planning to move in, is a wonderful experience that remains an unforgettable memory.

“THE HOUSE” is more than a house. “THE HOUSE” is a status. “THE HOUSE” is an identity. It is a lifestyle that has no alternative, as a family residence concept that chooses a life full of memories of joy, support and togetherness.

Value for money - A desicion that's easy to make

THE HOUSE - An exclusive and most comprehensive offer on the market

About Us

Pure capital, the multi-decade experience of the owner in the field of investments, specifically in the real estate sector as well as in the field of finance and banking as a guarantee that you choose the best.

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Companies with their professional teams, and existing and new projects, confirm a consistent strategic orientation towards the construction of high-class residential buildings.

The investor’s strategy is to, as a leader in the high-class real estate market, meet the sophisticated demand thanks to designed concepts, continuous innovations, quality products and services, and the selection of the best locations for their projects.

Capital gain

Our clients recognize the quality and value of our projects. That is why they are ready to invest in them.

The location in Miloje Pavlović street is the focus of diplomatic missions and embassies due to the specificity of its micro-location.

“THE HOUSE” offers future owners, due to all its peculiarities and the location where it is located, the possibility of returning the investment (ROI) through a great rent potential.

When choosing a design, finishing materials and equipment, rely on our top design team that will lead you to the ultimate satisfaction of you and your loved ones. The possibility of multiple interior and yard furnishing packages