What exactly is Feng Shui?

At first, we thought the “Feng Shui thing” was the fad of the moment. However, it seems we were mistaken. Feng Shui is a whole universe of decoration, based on theories that help us understand and better connect the elements of the home, and thus balance and strengthen the energies of our houses. Therefore, we decided to share with you this article about this ancient tradition that has aroused great interest in the Western world.

What is the world of Feng Shui? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of Taoist origin, based on the conscious and harmonious occupation of space, in order to achieve a positive influence on the people who live in it. Literally translated, it means: wind and water. It is based on increasing the energies of space that work in our favor, balancing the five elements. Superstition or not, the world of feng shui is more and more present, and the most interesting thing is that it is very easy to adapt the space to it.

Tips for getting to know the world of Feng Shui

1. Everything in its place

I don’t know if it happens to you, but people who tend to make a mess at home or in the office, themselves admit that it takes a lot of work and effort to keep their productivity and mood at a satisfactory level. That’s because chaos begets chaos. As soon as the space is put in order, the energy flows again. This is another of the basic principles of feng shui. It costs very little and is worth every investment of time. The idea of order is the main one in the world of feng shui, but also in the world of decoration. Keeping the space clean and tidy definitely contributes to the feeling that everything flows. Remove unnecessary, dirty or ugly things from the environment. Create stress-free, light and free environments for both work and rest.

2. Life everywhere

In the Feng Shui world, plants are also the main actors. They bring colour, and freshness, improve air quality, and make places calmer, more relaxing and more beautiful. Remember: always choose natural flowers and plants over artificial ones. Take care of them and don’t let them wither. If you are wondering if there are recommended plants in Feng Shui, the answer is yes: lotus flower, Chinese bamboo, peony, lily and chrysanthemum.

3.Good layout

The arrangement of the furniture is also an important factor. For example, it is said that the head of the bed should not be facing the door, nor right in front of it. On the other hand, avoid placing heavy objects in this area, as they can make us feel insecure. It is also important that you have access to the bed from both sides. Symmetry and harmony have an advantage in the distribution of furniture in the space. It is also advisable to place a small table next to the bed on each side. And finally, avoid beds without headboards, as they are associated with a feeling of instability.

4. Create your own oasis

Spa bathrooms are trendy in the decorating world these days. But this feature is also crucial in the world of Feng Shui. The bathroom is where we start and end every day. Functionality is undoubtedly a key feature, but the bathroom should also help us feel comfortable and relaxed. If possible, it is ideal that the bathroom has a window, even if it is small. This will help us bring in natural light and, by the way, save energy. As for the details, to create a relaxed atmosphere, add plants, flowers and candles to the decoration.

5. Choose colors

The color palette of each room must be chosen carefully. After all, each color has a different effect on us. Yellow, for example, revitalizes. Blue is relaxing. Red evokes sensuality and romance. If you don’t like to paint the walls in color or you are afraid that you will get bored of the color quickly, you can always keep a neutral base and introduce color through decorative objects (pillows, carpets, curtains, etc.).

6. Get inspired by the kitchen

It is one of the most important rooms in the house. Here we prepare food, take care of our family, but also share and socialize. Design trends are already pointing in this direction, inviting us more and more to create open kitchens connected to the rest of the house. We know that it is not always possible to have one of these kitchens, but the least we can do to improve the energy in the kitchen is 3 conditions: light, cleanliness and orderliness.

7.Najbolji odraz

Mirrors are allies of decoration. They make the space look bigger, they distribute the light better. However, in Feng Shui they are an obstacle to positive energy if they are not in the right place. At the entrance to the house, the mirror should not face the door. In the room, it is best to keep them in a closet or on a wall where you can’t see the bed. In the living room, you can hang a mirror above the fireplace or some other focal point to create balance and dynamism in the decoration. And the mirror in the kitchen should be avoided.

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